Welcome to My Blog


This website has been in the idea phase for almost a year. More than anything, I needed a way to express many of the thoughts and feelings that didn’t seem right for my other websites and blogs. This expression is as much for personal reasons as it is to connect with any audience.

Moving to Tulsa in late 2008 was, for me, a homecoming. I had never lived in Oklahoma, I was born and raised in California. I left California several times in my youth, only to return. I developed some excellent businesses there, made some “On Purposes” that some may see as mistakes. The truth is, I never saw California as home. Home, in my head, was always Northeast Oklahoma.

Northeast Oklahoma, not to be confused with most of the rest of Oklahoma. There is something unique, wonderful and beautiful about this portion of The Ozarks. As a child, we would visit my fathers family here. Perhaps, it was those times, as the most vivid memories of family that just made the place home.

Regardless, as of today I am here. I love being here and I feel restless being here. Over the past few years my hard line Libertarian Views have evolved into Voluntaryist Views. I should mention, in most of the “I’s” written, there is a we. I have been married for over 13 years to a uniquely wonderful woman, Heidi. We met and began dating in 1999, married in 2001 and left California in January, 2004. Both in search of one thing: a less oppressive social environment to live our lives. Someplace that does not impede on the Inalienable Rights of the Individual.

This point of view does not mean we want to be alone. It doesn’t mean we don’t want to connect with others. It is quite simple: We do mot want to be forced or coerced to interact or associate with anyone and we don’t want others forced to interact or associate with us. We believe people, Individuals, should be allowed to voluntarily associate, trade, interact as they so choose.

In explaining my earlier statement, I say “For Now” because I know that we can, and may, pick up at anytime and move somewhere we believe there is a better chance to find the social climate we desire. Of course, this would be after we fulfill any obligations. I guess it’s important to say that.

So, what is this blog for? Why write another blog? I guess it is to focus more on thoughts regarding issues that do not fit into our Professional Life, where Going Nutts Creative, resides. Our Sociological Thoughts, where The Orthodox Individual is my outlet. Home Improvement and Outdoor Living, Pool and Spa Design, where we have AquaTech Design our second chosen profession and passion.

This blog and website are more personal. Our personal photography, design, love of food, rants about the lack of driving skills and so forth. Just a place to rant that people may, or may not find interesting.

With that in mind, Welcome, I hope to hear from you.