Trump’s Political Puppetry


It has taken more than 3 weeks to write my first blog of 2016. I was hoping to write about food or traffic or just about anything other than the Circus known as American Politics. Unfortunately, while I hold the view that every form of Compulsory Government is illegitimate  many of my friends have had a difficult time coming to terms with that point of view.

Primarily, this simply means, ignoring everything political would mean ignoring friends I do not want to ignore.

I have seen this thought process become somewhat popular: Donald Trump is financing his own campaign. Therefore he will not enter the office of President owing favors to Corporations and/or Special Interests. Donald Trump will not be a Puppet of the Establishment. All very non-specific terms, when you really think about it.

Many people find that thought process rational. I find that short-sided. This becomes more specific when witnessing, even if you make a great attempt to ignore, the massive missteps Trump is making in his public appearances. This guy is making some of the most ridiculous statements ever heard on the political stage, and with the political clowns elected to office throughout the country, this is a difficult task. He has been quoted as planning to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a Single Payer (Compulsory) Healthcare System, as a Republican! Yet, he remains the frontrunner. This simply proves that: A) The GOP, if it ever existed, is truly dead (Goldwater has left the party). B) Republicans are as Progressive as Democrats with a, very slight, difference of opinion on abortion and gay marriage.

Option 1:

Donald Trump is financing his own campaign. Therefore, he has discovered having political puppets is inefficient and has decided to purchase the Presidency for himself in order to cut out the puppet. Trump is his own special interest, he is one of the chief architects of The Establishment.

Option 2:

Donald Trump is making the ultimate purchase of a Political Puppet by sacrificing the Republican Opposition to his good friend and long-time Puppet, Hillary Clinton.

It doesn’t take a genius to find sufficient information that discloses Trump’s association and admiration with Hillary Clinton. In the very little political commentary I accidentally run into, I have not heard this opinion discussed. Yet, I find this not only feasible but, worthy of discussion. If Trump wins the primary, becomes a bigger baboon than stating he wants to replace Obamacare with Universal Single Payer Healthcare and that his daughter is hot enough for him to date… It may be the only way to make his friend Hillary electable.