The Chaos in Absence of Authority Paradigm


Without State Protection, their would be chaos? Why? I once thought the same thing but, then I began looking around. What I saw was massive chaos that seems to be intentionally caused by the State in order to instill fear upon most people. While driving chaos, by placing laws on production and distribution of desired products and services, they have also restricted access to tools that would allow individuals to defend themselves. By creating a massive international black market trade, artificially driving up prices, attacking traders violently, destroying product and caging those involved, they have created chaos where there was once peaceful trade.

How would the lack of State Authority drive chaos up? Doesn’t it stand to reason that eliminating trade from the black market, eliminating the initiation of force against otherwise peaceful people and peaceful interactions and exchange, would relieve much of the chaos we see around us? Yet, this is not what The State is doing, in the case of the United States. Other States, Countries, have done so and, the results have been, far less chaos, far less violent crimes, far fewer caged citizens, the need for far fewer police officers.

If you place the right and ability of individuals to acquire and carry the proper tools for defense, employ private defense firms, organize voluntarily for protection in that mix, how would you feel we would have more chaos than we see today in this country and throughout the world?

By stating that without authority, there would be chaos, you are saying there are bad, chaotic people who would look to victimize others without some form of State Authority. However, that State Authority will be occupied by at least the same percentage of bad people as society and it will somehow protect people rather than victimize them. The truth is, history has demonstrated, without doubt, the worst sociopathic minds will be attracted to political power. What person other than a complete sociopath would have any desire to rule over the lives of others?

Larken Rose probably said it best: Without an authoritarian State there may be some violent people who want to harm others. But, we know without doubt that with an Authoritarian State there will be violent people empowered with the legal ability to kidnap, cage and murder others.

The question is; without State Authority, would you begin robbing, victimizing and murdering others? Among those you know, would there be a majority of those types? A minority? A very minuscule few? I wonder who these people are that would cause chaos and my guess is, they are the people who are now causing chaos. History also demonstrates that arming individuals with the tools necessary for defense does the best job of neutralizing those people.