Subject Commissioned Photographs / Art Commissioned Photographs:

First and foremost, I have attempted to differentiate the entire experience.

The end photographs are the sole property of the client. Neither myself or my company can or will use your photographs without your express written permission. I do keep a copy on an archived hard drive for your convenience. This is with the understanding that the client can request all original images be destroyed.

The Client will receive all digital original image files after unacceptable photographs are permanently deleted.

The number of Finished Images, retouching for blemishes, lighting, color, and any previously discussed effects, will be outlined prior to the shoot. Additional Retouching will be charged separately.

There are no set “Packages”. Each client has the option of Albums, Books, Calendars, Slide Shows, Videos and/or Digital File Delivery Formats all to be outlined prior to the shoot.

The photographer, me, will only use photos for display and portfolio purposes with the direct, written consent of the subject.

These policies do not pertain to Photographs taken without a Commission Contract.