Living Among Beloved Warlords


One of the things I wanted to do when creating my website and blog was; diversify my content. What I mean is: there are topics, other than my sociological philosophy, I want to discuss. Unfortunately, there are so many violations of humanity going on within The United States and around the world, this has been challenging.

Assisting others in understanding the morality of Voluntaryism, is my passion. This has no regard for the possibility for adoption of this philosophy or how such a society might function. It is what is moral. Every act of initial aggression against otherwise peaceful people is absolutely immoral. How people would act, interact; how services would be provided; how property ownership would be determined, etc… These may be valid talking points and, interestingly, there has been vast amounts of information put out to address these things and open dialogue. However, none of these questions matter in a discussion regarding morality. The United States was supposed to be the great experiment of minimal Government intrusion in the life of the Individual. It seems this was lost well over a century ago.

I also would love to speak about more positive subjects:

  • Great Food
  • Business
  • Sociological Topics
  • Art
  • Photography

One of the most difficult aspects of understanding Voluntaryism is: Once you gain an understanding, how do you function in the world? Every interaction requires some degree of participation in the system you (I) know is immoral. This is not only within the borders controlled by The United States but, throughout the world, to different degrees.

As 2016 approached, my wife and I had these discussions. We hold our beliefs very strongly yet, we have to survive and, truth be told, we want to do far better than survival. If the land around us were occupied by a group most people understood were illegitimate Warlords, would it still be best to find the best possible life until such time those Warlords could be effectively dis-empowered? That has to be what it is like to live in New Hampshire or Asheville, where a great number of people hold similar beliefs. We live in Tulsa, Northeast, Oklahoma. Where NeoConism is the Warlord order of the majority.

This has become our goal for 2016. Reestablish ourselves with the business community; practice and speak of our other passions. All while building a life that benefits us, living as free as is possible. The goal of this website will be to provide content that assists others in a better understanding, while also providing content on that which we love.