I Don’t Celebrate Death


Originally written December 22nd, 2014. As I transition from The Orthodox Individual, to writing under my name, there are a few Blog Posts I wish to save and have available on this site.

Before I write this, I want to make it clear, this is not a criticism of any person or entity. What is occurring in society, specifically The United States, is striking most people, those who are paying attention, in very personal and meaningful ways. How they react to that is just as personal.

Most people who know my point of view, gan that knowledge through my Facebook Page or through personal interaction, discussion and debate. They know I am no fan of Government. I am not a fan of any aspect of Government, not the Police and not the Military. You could call me semi-respectful of Firefighters but, I am still rather passionate that their profession should be privatized. No human being should earn heir living through extortion and theft. All relationships, interactions and exchanges should be mutually voluntary. That is my firm stand.

While there have been more than a thousand citizens killed at the hands of Police this year, based on FBI Statistics and we know those are far from accurate, only a few of those cases have become social motivators and discussed outside the communities where they occurred.

The first death that truly struck me, emotionally this year was Kelly Thomas. Even as I write this, my eyes swell. The photos of this man, beaten to death while calling for his Dad and pleading for his life, reflect a level of brutality. In this case, Officers were released from their Department and Charged, they stood trial. They were acquitted and I don’t understand the verdict but, they faced the process.

The Michael Brown case has been interesting to me, simply because it has been so polarizing. Both sides clinging to the extremes, when the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Nobody will convince me the final, and fatal shots Brown received were necessary. However, my primary sticking point remains: Had Wilson not been a Police Officer, had any citizen committed those actions, and all the witness testimony been the exact same, the Grand Jury would have indicted, they would stand trial. That would allow more evidence and more of he truth to be exposed. This would also send a message that Police Officers and Citizens are held to the same standard. Instead it created a greater divide and we know, this is not the case.

The case of Tamir Rice, one of the most tragic. A 12-year-old boy, playing with an Airsoft Gun meets a cowardly, disturbed human being who has somehow been given a Badge and a Gun after being released from another department for having “Issues” that disqualified him from the job. The Cop lied, saying he gave this child warning and he child turned the gun toward him. The truth, caught in video, he exited his Police Cruiser, weapon drawn and began firing almost immediately.

Eric Garner… I watched, many of us watched Eric Garner die at the hands of arrogant, Authority Drunken, thugs. I think this case is he one that really gets me, deeply. It demonstrates the madness of the Laws our Rulers have placed us under. It has opened the eyes of many to the true consequences of Law. It may even be the case that makes us reconsider how we consider laws.

I mention the above cases as a personal opening to where I sit, emotionally and intellectually, as I write this. Over the weekend, there were Cops shot, execution style. Many whom I associate with, in Social Media, have written posts and stories that have drawn celebration for these deaths. As I said, I am not here to denounce those, simply to explain my perspective. I can not celebrate death. I have seen the footage where Cops have surrounded a mentally disturbed man with a pellet gun, knowing it was a pellet gun, and excited this person. As disturbing as that is, what is more disturbing are the gestures of celebration that followed. The Cop that choked Eric Garner is seen on Video giving a celebratory gesture as Eric’s lifeless body lies on a stretcher and this is far more chilling than the crime. I believe there are circumstances that justify killing. My thoughts on this are most likely different from most people. However, I believe when the standard for using Lethal Force has been met, it is an unfortunate circumstance. It is a solemn time and a responsibility that should weigh heavily.

I do not mourn the loss of the Police Officers over the weekend. I am sorry, the fact that Cops have become the Agents to Enforce Unjust and Immoral Laws, designates them an enemy to Peaceful People. I do not believe they should have been targeted simply because they are members of a group, any group. There is a very high likelihood these Cops had threatened people with Lethal Force, Detained them, Kidnapped them and Caged them for actions that did not harm another human being. That is, the job they took. Enforce the Law without judgement as to whether that law is just or unjust, moral or immoral. So, I can not mourn them but, I certainly will not celebrate that the immoral nature in which our governments are attacking the citizenry every hour of every day has spurned some to act with lethal force against the Agents of that Immoral and Corrupt Institution.

It is a heavy and unfortunate time. As much as I do not advocate random violence (I do believe a person being threatened or attacked has a right to defend themselves, even if the attacker wears a Badge) within this struggle to regain our Liberties, I am not surprised to hear of it. I do not see a moral correlation between random killings of members of a group just because they are members of a group and the death of citizens because they are members of a group, even if the group you see them as members of happens to be the General Public. Actions are committed by Individuals, injustice is suffered by Individuals. Justice can only be accounted for between Individuals.

If history is any teacher, this is just a beginning and all it seems we can hope for is that we learn from history and chart a better course. It is unlikely but, any members of Law Enforcement that advocated for an end to the enforcement of unjust laws, laws that initiate force upon otherwise peaceful people, would be welcome voices. Civil disobedience on all sides against injustice could change the course and save many lives. It has become apparent that many have seen the Civil Disobedience from only one side as ineffective and seem to be willing to move past being Civil. That is not a good sign.