A Moment in Time:

Subject Pay Photography, better deemed Commissioned Photography, will be either a wonderful experience or a horrible experience. It just seems there is no room in the middle. When I speak to a client who has had a horrible experience, it is normally divulged that there were questionable feelings prior to shooting.

With that in mind, the few projects I accept for this specific genre each year are done through a very open process of meetings and discussions prior to the shoot. In each of these informal meetings, special care is taken to assure the conversation is open to canceling the shoot should any questionable feelings arise.

As a photographer, the approach to this genre of photography, regardless of the occasion the photographs represent is the same as my approach to a commercial shoot. The end product must be unique and it must represent the true nature of each and every subject. It doesn’t matter if the subject is multi-generations of a family or a Senior Photograph. I don’t necessarily have a problem with themes. However, I feel it is my job to be true to the subjects. It is my job to capture an image that reminds future viewers who each individual in the photograph is. There is nothing more rewarding then hearing someone who knows the subject well immediately identified their personality from the images.