Edward’s Quotes

“Political Power not only corrupts, it attracts the sociopath that is susceptible to that corruption. Making the possibility of ‘Good Government’ an epistemological impossibility.”

“If you wish to blemish Capitalism simply create the illusion that Republican’s are her Standard Bearers.”

“Live each day as if it is your first!”

“When it comes to relationships, don’t look for those who lift you up, look for those who motivate you to lift yourself.”

“When you keep your head down and voice silent on matters that immorally impact others but not you. You will find yourself alone on matters that immorally impact you and not others.”

“If you want to witness The Creator, observe the Man (or Woman) who dares to Think!”

“Life is Art, the art of constantly searching for the perfection in the flaws and the beauty in the perception of imperfections.”

“I am a Capitalist. A believer in Mans Absolute Right to live free from Force and Coercion. I find it moral as it removes the initiation of force from society.”

“Plan for the Best then Hope for the Magnificent.”

“The mind of Man is incomprehensibly powerful. So much so, throughout history we have attempted to explain it with a non-explanation. To understand it while refusing to actually comprehend our own true nature and beauty. To touch it by making it appear out of reach.”

“The greatest sin a person can commit is living a life of mediocrity.”

“Can’t walk even a foot in the shoes of another, they walk as they due based in the choices they have made. I will walk in my own, in accordance with my choices. Joyfully running due to my correct choices and humbly stepping back and then pushing forward, wiser, due to poor choices.”

“Mine is one of Love for Virtue. Virtue for the Ability and Willingness to think.”

“Freedom and Liberty is the Right to live Free of Force and Coercion.” – Inspired by Ayn Rand

“There is only one solution to this crisis. Individual Initiative. Take responsibility for your own life, I will do the same. Together we will reach heights unimaginable.”

“Their are no property rights more sacred then Intellectual Property Rights. Out of respect for self, and duty to moral purpose, give others the chance to study those who have inspired you by giving credit where it is due.”

“The definition of Commitment is: Doing that which you said you would do, long after the feeling you said it in, has left you. Unless you discover that which you said you would do is based on bad principles. Out of Integrity, you must admit this, and respectfully decline to act on that which was not based on sound principle.” – Inspired by George Zalucki

” ‘That is just the way I am’, is never a valid reason for irrational or unprincipled behavior. Once you realize the way you have always been is irrational or based on poor principle, your only duty is to release that behavior and become, ‘The way you should be’. As only Human Beings can choose their behavior.”

“Stop worrying about those who says ‘No.’ Focus instead on those who simply say  ‘I don’t know.'”

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.”

“The basics are the business.”

“It’s okay to be ignorant at first, if your goal is to become intelligent over time.”

“We become the behaviors we repeatedly perform. Excellence, then, is not found on the act but, in the habit of everyday activities.”

“The only true failure in life is the acceptance of mediocrity as a lifestyle.”

“Everything that must be learned before you can do it, must be done in order to learn it.”

“Time is not found, it is made by putting priorities into perspective.”

“You are, right now, where you always planned to be. If you are unhappy with your surroundings, sit down and write better plans.”

“Success is not pursued it is attracted, by the person you become.”

“If you will become the very best messenger you possibly can, the message will take care of itself.”

“A Students life of learning is the Key to Success.”

“The Law Of Magnetism: Who you are is who you attract.”