Artist, Voluntaryist, Philosopher

BW_EdwardThere is a dynamic balance when writing about yourself that has, at times, eluded me. The ability to demonstrate self confidence while not sounding boisterous is primarily the perception of the reader. My first thought was to write this in the third person. However, if you are reading this with an interest in working with me, sincerity of style seemed more appropriate.

I am not one to find much comfort in what has been traditionally represented as comfortable or security within current paradigms. The truth is, I don’t wish to work for most companies. The last few years have been spent attempting to remove Cronyism from my relationships, avoiding professional relationships with those who have succeeded due to political connections, rather than productive efforts. I do have a desire to find association with dynamic entrepreneurial endeavors grounded in the old fashioned premise of earning through contribution, through voluntary trade in the marketplace. I love to work with those who see themselves as Producers, who add value to the lives of the customers and clients they serve. Those who know the wonderful role profitable businesses plays in lifting the lives of individuals, families and communities.


If your desire is to work with me as a photographer. I should say, up front, I do not accept every photography offer. Photography, over the years, has become my escape, my commitment to artistic expression has become very entwined in my thought process. I want to photograph interesting subjects, scenes, in an artistic manner. It doesn’t matter if the assignment is personal, commercial or corporate, within each of these is an artistic approach to the end product that will connect with those who view it on a deep level. That is always the goal.


Working with motion has, in my opinion, become the eye from which I approach most everything I do. Most of my concepts are derived through a thought process of motion. I credit this to my experience with Digital Media, my first love in the digital realm. As soon as it was speculated that high speed internet would bring T1 speeds to the home (around 1996), experimenting with videography for websites became a pursuit of passion.

Digital Media should pursue a path of moving the viewer through a story. It should be much less about “What” you do and more about “Why” you do it.

Content and Copy Writing:

My approach to writing is somewhat different than most. In today’s Social Networking, Social Media world, I prefer writing that takes a conversational, engaging approach. I am not, and will not be, a Spin Doctor. Promotional writing, in every sphere, is best when it is sincere. Company Collateral, Websites, Advertisements, etc…, should sincerely reflect the company, the principles and culture. This approach will attract clientele with a high likelihood of conversion.


While I do love the conceptual process and incorporate graphic design in nearly everything I do. I have made efforts to branch out in the tools used for design. For Graphic Design, I work with Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer. Each of these programs offers variations in the approach to graphic effects that I find widen the possibilities of the end product.

I have been Self Employed most of my life. In those instances where I have worked for a single company, including those I was a partner in, I did so as a company rather than an individual. Even as a teenager, I was more apt to seek an entrepreneurial style of earning over a job. The idea of a fixed wage with no ability to earn for a higher level of performance is strange to me.

As I write this, I calculate I have just over 30 years of highly productive contributions to make and I would like to do that in a manner that inspires growth and individual spirit in others. I have, since my early 20’s, been an ambitious student. The goal is to spend at least 3 hours a day, give or take, involved in learning and studying that information that will enhance my life and lift my abilities in all aspects.

I would rather work as a Contracted Company than an Employee. My thoughts on this are: You should pay me what I have earned and it should be my responsibility how I use those earning to finance the priorities in my life. You should not be held hostage to the force of programs that do not directly benefit you and your company.I am open to the negotiation of employment but, would rather be an asset than a liability in that regard, if possible.